Northern Light – Aurora Borealis in Norway and Finland Suomi

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As 2014 was one of the years with the highest Northern Light activity, we’ve decided to travel in February 2014 to Tromso in Norway to see this amazing scenery in real life.

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Honestly spoken, I would say, I already had plenty of flights in my life, but flying over icy Norway (from Oslo to Tromso) was one of the best flights I ever had. The mountains, the snow, the bright sky – only one word: AWESOME

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So as you can see on the picture above, preparation is all. So be prepared with warm clothes to stand against -35 degrees during the night. Thermo trowsers, moon boots, etc.

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So arrived in the early evening, we had some spare time to visit Tromso downtown and to find a really amazing restaurant: Emmas

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So the first evening came and we started our tour with Green Fox Guiding (also a recommondation). We drove hours and hours with them to find a good spot to see the Northern Lights, and as you can see, we found some, but all in all, it was not the experience we’ve expected – it was really too cloudy this night.

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So we waited for the 2nd night and booked the same tour with Green Fox Guiding. The weather was so poor, that they offered us, to give the money back. But due to the fact, that it was our last day in Norway, we decided to give it a try.

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Really Thumbs up for the crew from Green Fox Guiding, they drove many hours with us to Finland to find a cloud-free place to see the Northern Lights. Because it is very cold these days in Tromso, they bring sandwiches, tea, coffee, warm clothes with them for you to use – for free. So at the end, we had some amazing hours under a green coloured sky and took hundreds of amazing pictures.
Only 3 days in Norway and Finland, but 3 really incredible days.

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