Dog Sledding Tour through Norway and Finland

IMG 3408Final

In February we had the chance to spend some time in Norway and also use this time for a dog sledding tour along the Norway – Finland border.

IMG 3413Final

We started at Camp Tamok, got together with the dogs and started into the wildness.

IMG 3414Final

IMG 3426Final

IMG 3433Final

IMG 3430Final

IMG 3445Final

IMG 3472Final

Pretty nice mountain view here. Long endless snow tracks and the weather was pretty much perfect, but also damn cold.

IMG 3480Final

IMG 3483Final

IMG 3486Final

IMG 3527Final

IMG 3547Final

IMG 3541Final

IMG 3553Final

After a long time of dog sledding, we came together and met in a warm tent to eat some fish soup and to heat up again.

IMG 3563Final

IMG 3573Final

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