La Grave – Snowboarding in the Alpes France

IMG 2894Final 7D

If you want to have some skiing or snowboarding fun a bit away from mass tourism and have a bit „off the track“ feeling, you should go to La Grave in France.

IMG 2903Final 7D

IMG 2910Final 7D

You can find here a lot of powder action everywhere, no tracks or fences and only a few people.

IMG 2915Final 7D

IMG 2887Final 7D

Sunny days in snow – what’s better?

IMG 2888Final 7D

IMG 2878Final 7D 2

IMG 2876Final 7D

IMG 2872Final 7D

IMG 2864Final 7D

A frozen sea close to La Grave, pretty impressive and cold clear blue water.

IMG 2828Final 7D

IMG 2826Final 7D

IMG 2830Final 7D

IMG 2831Final 7D

IMG 2925Final 7D

IMG 2940Final 7D

IMG 2956Final 7D

IMG 2955Final 7D


IMG 2963Final 7D

IMG 2971Final 7D

IMG 2974Final 7D


IMG 2975Final 7D

IMG 2994Final 7D

Sun again and incredible view 🙂

IMG 3002Final 7D

IMG 2890Final 7D

Yes you’re

IMG 2959Final 7D

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