Zhengzhou / Luoyang: Temple of the White Horse – China Tour Part 4

IMG 7760Final 5D mk2

We left Beijing very late in the evening to get the night train to Zhengzhou; taking the night train in China is an quite interesting experience as you shre the room with some people you meet the first time; so you can be lucky – or not.

IMG 7725Final 5D mk2 2

So the room was ok, the upper bed is more quiet, but a bit smaller.

IMG 7728Final 5D mk2 2

For those who did not book a bed, it will be a poor night

IMG 7740Final 5D mk2

After arriving at the Temple of the White Horse in Luoyang, we started to walk along all the amazing buildings. There are only a few tourists – and none from the western world.

IMG 7763Final 5D mk2

IMG 7756Final 5D mk2

So quite often the Chinese people asked us to take a photo with them, cause they often did not see any western people before…

IMG 7750Final 5D mk2

IMG 7746Final 5D mk2

IMG 7761Final 5D mk2

IMG 7768Final 5D mk2

Very close to the White Horse temple, there are some other temples, for example some from Cambodia, some from India, etc.

IMG 7773Final 5D mk2

IMG 7781Final 5D mk2

IMG 7778Final 5D mk2

IMG 7785Final 5D mk2

IMG 7787Final 5D mk2

Next stop in our journey will be the Longmen Grottes

IMG 7789Final 5D mk2

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