Luoyang Longmen Grottoes – China Tour Part 5

IMG 7858Final 5D mk2

The Longmen Grottes in Luoyang are one of the less famous but really awesome spots. You can see here thousands of Buddha sculptures made of or into the rocks, from pretty small to incredible tall.

IMG 7826Final 5D mk2

IMG 7824Final 5D mk2

IMG 7829Final 5D mk2

IMG 7834Final 5D mk2

IMG 7836Final 5D mk2

One of the famous rooms, a room completely made of Buddhas

IMG 7846Final 5D mk2

IMG 7850Final 5D mk2

IMG 7851Final 5D mk2

Here you can see the comparison – Buddha against tourist – impressive size of rock made sculptures…

IMG 7858Final 5D mk2

IMG 7859Final 5D mk2

IMG 7863Final 5D mk2

Here a nice view with a fish eye perspective

IMG 7870Final 5D mk2

IMG 7867Final 5D mk2

IMG 7812Final 5D mk2

IMG 7862Final 5D mk2

Luoyang is also a pretty cool place to have dinner or some plates at midnight.

IMG 7883Final 5D mk2

IMG 7884Final 5D mk2

IMG 7887Final 5D mk2

IMG 7890Final 5D mk2

IMG 7893Final 5D mk2

IMG 7891Final 5D mk2

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