Xi’an Terracotta Warriors – China Tour Part 6

IMG 7909Final 5D mk2

The next day started quite early in the morning with a train ride to Xian. Because we had not so much time, we took the G-train. In China, you have different types of trains: the G-type with around 300 km/h, the D-type with around 200 km/h and some slower ones, like trains with sleeping waggons.

Nothing but a queue…

IMG 7906Final 5D mk2

IMG 7916Final 5D mk2

Arrived at the Terracotta Warriors

IMG 7919Final 5D mk2

IMG 7921Final 5D mk2

IMG 3377Final 7D

IMG 3379Final 7D

IMG 3385Final 7D

IMG 3389Final 7D

Some lost already their head

IMG 3401Final 7D

IMG 3418Final 7D

Renovation part of the building…

IMG 3431Final 7D

IMG 3441Final 7D

IMG 3445Final 7D

IMG 3452Final 7D

IMG 3463Final 7D

IMG 3467Final 7D

IMG 3473Final 7D

On our way back to the hotel, we passed some nice mountains and fields.

IMG 3481Final 7D

IMG 3485Final 7D

IMG 3486Final 7D

IMG 3476Final 7D

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