Xi’an City – China Tour Part 7

IMG 7931Final 5D mk2

Back in Xian, the next day started with a short tour through the city. From an european perspective, this city is really awesome…

IMG 7926Final 5D mk2

The inner city is built inside the city wall, called the old town; the more modern part ist built outside the wall with new skyscarpers and lot of shopping stores

IMG 7929Final 5D mk2

On the wall…

IMG 3489Final 7D

IMG 3492Final 7D

Also the monks have to wash their clothes

IMG 3487Final 7D

So after having a great dinner with filled pasta squares, we got to know some nice people from the Phillipines.

IMG 7938Final 5D mk2

So we decided to move on into the nightlife of Xi’an. Here you can see the biggest LCD screen in Asia.

IMG 7940Final 5D mk2

And here the longest water fountain in Asia:

IMG 7949Final 5D mk2

Funny police stations on every corner. They play card, they smoke… seems to be a relaxed job

IMG 7951Final 5D mk2

This is the brant pagode, I think probably the small one

IMG 3494Final 7D

IMG 7976Final 5D mk2

IMG 7980Final 5D mk2

IMG 7983Final 5D mk2

IMG 7989Final 5D mk2

IMG 3517Final 7D

IMG 8002Final 5D mk2

IMG 8014Final 5D mk2

A gym is not so common in China, therefore people prefer to do a street dance. Here some streetdance in the evening.

IMG 7944Final 5D mk2

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