Yangtze River and the Three Gorges Dam in Yinchang – China Tour Part 15

IMG 8733Final 5D mk2

We arrived the three gorges dam very late at night, around midnight. As it was very windy and rainy, no ship was allowed to pass through the locks. After waiting for hours, we stopped finally very close to the locks with some other ships to wait for the next morning.

IMG 4163Final 7D

In the next morning, the the rain hasn’t stopped, but the wind. But then again foggy and we had to leave the ship quarter to eight to take the bus for the dam tour.

IMG 8737Final 5D mk2

Quite old escalators – but better a poor driving then a nice walking the stairs…

IMG 8738Final 5D mk2

IMG 8739Final 5D mk2

Here one of the five locks. Quite impressive…

IMG 8740Final 5D mk2

IMG 8742Final 5D mk2

On the hill we expected to see a bit more…

IMG 8745Final 5D mk2

…but foggy again

IMG 8748Final 5D mk2

IMG 8749Final 5D mk2

I don’t mind the rain, I don’t mind the weather at all

IMG 8751Final 5D mk2

The locks from above

IMG 8755Final 5D mk2

When your ship is up to 30 tons, you can skip the locks, save 5 hours and take the crane

IMG 8759Final 5D mk2

At the end, the trip to the dam was not as expected because of the fog, but as people told us over there, this is quite common for this region, there are only a few days with clear view, so please be aware of that before you decide for such a trip

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