Allgäu / Alps – Hiking to Enzianhütte Germany / Austria – Part 1

IMG 4983Final 7D

Back in Germany, we decided on short notice for a hiking trip in the Alpes – so back in Riezlern to walk up to the Enzian Hütte, 2/3 on the way to the Rappensee, which we will reach by sunrise at 5:00 in the morning.

IMG 4986Final 7D

So let’s start with the beautiful sunset in the Alpes; we were very lucky

IMG 0212Final 5D mk2

IMG 0205Final 5D mk2

Different ankles, different directions, different mountains, different time – but always beautiful…

IMG 0215Final 5D mk2

IMG 0220Final 5D mk2

IMG 0233Final 5D mk2

Some mountains from Austria side, some from Germany:

IMG 5003Final 7D

IMG 5011Final 7D

IMG 5015Final 7D

IMG 5031Final 7D

IMG 5023Final 7D

IMG 5036Final 7D

IMG 5044Final 7D

Here you can see that it was a damn hot day; additionally it was 25 kg weight on the back as well.

IMG 2427

Really beautiful way up to the top


Here we started at Faistenoy. The way was very flat and a bit boring for the first few km, but turned into a very beautiful way up.

Enzian 0

Raining and hot weather made a very high humidity…

Enzian 2

Enzian 4

And then finally arrive at the Enzian Hütte, got the last to places to sleep, somewhere in the middle…

IMG 0174Final 5D mk2

So first after arriving and shower, was to have some pre-dinner with cheese, bred, ham and some red wine 🙂

IMG 0184Final 5D mk2

And finally dinner at a very beautiful restaurant at 2.000 m above sea level

IMG 0196Final 5D mk2

We finally joined a group of women from this area for dinner and some drinks

IMG 0200Final 5D mk2

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