Shanghai at Night – China Tour Part 20

IMG 8948Final 5D mk2

We only had a few nights in Shanghai, but tried to see as much as possible to get around in Shanghai at night.
The picture above is the typical skyscraper scenery from the riverside.

IMG 8935Final 5D mk2

IMG 8943Final 5D mk2

Some sort of pirate vessel in the Shanghai bay…

IMG 9082Final 5D mk2

Very nice flower decoration on some walls.

IMG 9079Final 5D mk2

IMG 9081Final 5D mk2

IMG 8941Final 5D mk2

As time goes by, these were the last few days in China. Now we finally passed around 10.000 km through China by using car, train, airplane, subway, bus, ship and finally walking.

We met so many friendly people from China itself, Panama, Philipines, Chile, Tibet.

Below you see the map with the way we travelled – long distance, many days and a lot of things we have seen – but still a lot more to see and discover in China. In other words, we need to visit China again.

China sat

China sat small

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