Shanghai at Day – China Tour Part 19

IMG 8919Final 5D mk2

From Suzhou to Shanghai, that’s a 30 min train ride – but a completely different world. As Suzhou is more an old fashioned smaller city with a lot of back-to-the-roots stores, Shanghai is the city of modern China.

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Driven by many financial companys, supported by the Chinese governmant and pushed by a lot of foreign investment – as well as foreign citizens, Shanghai has developed to a very modern and super large city within the last few decades.

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Skyscrapers, traffic jams, stores for everything you need, bars, subways, restaurants – and a very fast moving heartbeat.

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Inside some Skyscrapers you’ll find really awesome views – like here the Jinmao tower 88th floor.

IMG 8905Final 5D mk2

IMG 8914Final 5D mk2

IMG 8903Final 5D mk2

Some of the attractions you need to see in Shanghai is the Yu-Garden, a formerly private owned city garden, but now open for everybody.

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IMG 8971Final 5D mk2

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IMG 8977Final 5D mk2

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Also the area around the Yu-Garden, central downtown is nice to walk around although there are too much tourist for my point of view…

IMG 8995Final 5D mk2

IMG 8996Final 5D mk2

Very famous bridge to block ghosts and keep them outside the house, as ghosts can also walk straight…

IMG 8997Final 5D mk2

Walking through Shanghai, you really find some interesting places offside from the mainstreets

IMG 9004Final 5D mk2

IMG 9006Final 5D mk2

IMG 4169Final 7D

IMG 4170Final 7D

IMG 4171Final 7D

IMG 9036Final 5D mk2

Back in the financial district, the tall buildings really look amazing, but boring compared to night.

IMG 9037Final 5D mk2

IMG 9040Final 5D mk2

IMG 9047Final 5D mk2

IMG 9055Final 5D mk2

IMG 9058Final 5D mk2

IMG 9060Final 5D mk2

In the next post you’ll find Shanghai at night and probably our last blog entry for the China tour as this tour ended with travelling back to Beijing and flight from there.

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