Suzhou Silk Worm Farm – China Tour Part 18

IMG 8847Final 5D mk2

Suzhou is very famous for silk production. And as a lot of silk fabrics come from Asia, we took the chance to visit a silk spinning mill. But the process starts a bit earlier, with the silk worm and their cocoon.

IMG 8837Final 5D mk2

These cocoons get under hot steam to kill the silk worm inside before they get sorted by people in different qualitys.

IMG 8839Final 5D mk2

The next process step is the extraction of the silk thread through a machine, so up to 8 threads were drilled and combined into one thread before the thread gets dryed and coiled.

IMG 8841Final 5D mk2

IMG 8846Final 5D mk2

After some time, the thousands of meters are coiled into a thread coil and the dead worm will remain.

IMG 8848Final 5D mk2

So all who are preferring silk clothes, be aware that hundreds or thousands of silk worms had to die for this fabric…

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