Suzhou Part Old Town – China Tour Part 17

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Down in Suzhou, their are a lot of canals, therefore this is known as the „Venice of China“ – and you can truly believe, this is a very nice part of the city. No rush hour, no tourists, no cars…

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But boats everywhere as this is the easiest way to explore this side of the city.

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Very beautiful shops in this area, every shop or food store invites to step in and try some local stuff.

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Also here, like the rest of China, people a taking pictures for their marriage, like this girl on the bridge. It is very common, that they have pictures taken in advance to have a large print out during marriage ceremony.

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Very nice food to buy on the street. We tried a lot of these, a truly recommendation!

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Endless long canals – and if you take the right ones, you can even ride up to Beijing, which is 1.500 km away. This was the old road from Suzhou to Beijing to transport people and goods. Quite impressive, that people built this canal so many years ago and by hand…

IMG 8878Final 5D mk2

A very nice tea shop where we bought kilos of tea. This friendly guy also gave us directly a tea to go. A tea to go is one of the things you need to have when you’re in China. Everywhere you get some hot water to refill.

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And again the next day, we took again the train for our next stop. But it wasn’t actually this train as we did not have so many time to take the slow train… what a pitty!

IMG 8892Final 5D mk2

Next part will also be a small traditional part of Suzhou…

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