Sri Lanka – Day 3 – Safari at Yala National Park

IMG 0796Final 5D mk2

The next day we had an early start again. Early means in this case something between 5:00 and 5:30 am…
But safaris start quite early and therefore we drove last night from Mirissa beach to Tissamaharama were we found a pretty poor guest house but very close to the Yala National park.

Mirissa tissamaharama

Dirving into the sunrise – no other cars on the road…

IMG 0801Final 5D mk2

IMG 0809Final 5D mk2

IMG 0811Final 5D mk2

The first few wild animals:

IMG 5278Final 7D

IMG 5274Final 7D

IMG 5300Final 7D

IMG 5309Final 7D

IMG 5287Final 7D

IMG 5285Final 7D

Many peacocks are around here, they seem to have no enemies…

IMG 5302Final 7D

IMG 5315Final 7D

Really nice bird, eating bees

IMG 5327Final 7D

IMG 5339Final 7D

The soon it’s getting later, the more other jeeps you’ll see here. Have a look later, down the post.

IMG 0816Final 5D mk2

IMG 5346Final 7D

Pretty cute kingfisher waiting for some food

IMG 5354Final 7D

Our first wild elephant! It’s getting better and better!

IMG 5357Final 7D

This one is also an interesting one, called Mungo. Moving very slow across the road. But eating snakes because of its fastness. So it can also move very very fast.

IMG 5385Final 7D

IMG 5373Final 7D

IMG 5389Final 7D

IMG 5392Final 7D

A jungle chicken. Not so special for us, but for the Asian people…?

IMG 5394Final 7D

Found its food already but took half an hour to eat such a big fish.

IMG 5408Final 7D 2

IMG 5420Final 7D

IMG 5423Final 7D

The birds and the crocodiles are aligned with each other. The crocodile isn’t eating the bird, nor the other way round…

IMG 5430Final 7D

IMG 5433Final 7D

By the way, that’s the reason why I love this incredible fast focus on the Canon EOS 7D.

IMG 5434Final 7D

IMG 5436Final 7D

IMG 0823Final 5D mk2

IMG 5441Final 7D

IMG 5446Final 7D

It’s getting full here, there must be something special.

IMG 0830Final 5D mk2

Ahh, here we go, elephants crossing the street in front of our jeep…

IMG 5512Final 7D

IMG 5526Final 7D

IMG 5537Final 7D

Sometimes they seem to get a bit angry. It seems they don’t like to be on a blog somewhere in the internet

IMG 0842Final 5D mk2

IMG 5529Final 7D

IMG 5553Final 7D

IMG 5506Final 7D

IMG 5495Final 7D

Birds try to capture the jeep.

IMG 5481Final 7D

IMG 5484Final 7D

IMG 5471Final 7D

IMG 5475Final 7D

IMG 5461Final 7D

The coast side of the Yala National Park and also a good place to take a break.

IMG 5447Final 7D

IMG 5559Final 7D

This was our travel route through the Yala park. During driving it felt like a labyrinth, but seems to be a standard tour.


IMG 5561Final 7D

A 6 hour safari, ended with a very nice curry meal in Tissamaharama and from there we drove further to the next incredible beach. Update will follow soon.

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