Sri Lanka Day 3 – Kirinda Beach and Travelling to Ella

IMG 0848Final 5D mk2

After our Yala Safari, we drove upwards on the coast to reach Kirinda beach before we decided to turn left heading up to Ella.

IMG 0853Final 5D mk2

IMG 0857Final 5D mk2

Many people told us, Kirinda beach is not worth to go there, cause of the rocks on the beach side as most of the tourists only look for beaches where they can go swimming…

IMG 0861Final 5D mk2

IMG 5565Final 7D

Kirinda beach is a beach without anything, no shops, no tourists, only one hotel (but a pretty nice on, you can sleep in big tents directly on the seaside)

IMG 5574Final 7D

IMG 5569Final 7D

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From Kirinda beach we drove directly to Ella, which is know as the backpacker paradise.

Tissamaharama ella

On our way to Ella we passed a waterfall which is primarily use a shower and bath room.

IMG 0873Final 5D mk2

IMG 0881Final 5D mk2

IMG 0898Final 5D mk2

IMG 5589Final 7D

IMG 5600Final 7D

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IMG 5608Final 7D

IMG 5628Final 7D

IMG 5632Final 7D

Further down the road, we met some monkeys, waiting on the street for some food

IMG 5638Final 7D

IMG 5643Final 7D

And finally reached Ella in the late afternoon. Ella is very small town where you meet most of the backpackers, travelling through Sri Lanka. This town has many cheap but clean hotels and good Sri Lankan restaurants (e.g. you can eat Rotti here). Good prices, friendly people and lot of other tourists to share experience and travel routes. This place is also a nice starting point for visiting tea fields, visiting Worlds End, Little Adam’s Peak and Horton Plains with its beautiful Baker Falls.

IMG 0959Final 5D mk2

The next day we spent in Ella with a motorbike (ok, it was more a scooter) and visiting some interesting spots in this area

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