Sri Lanka Day 4 – Ella area, Tea Fields and Little Adam’s Peak

IMG 0993Final 5D mk2

The area between Ella and Kandy is very famous because of its tea fields and some national parks. Therefore we hired a scooter to learn more about this nice area.

IMG 0987Final 5D mk2

IMG 0996Final 5D mk2

IMG 1003Final 5D mk2

Our gas station.

IMG 5665Final 7D

IMG 1005Final 5D mk2

IMG 5660Final 7D

IMG 5658Final 7D

IMG 5673Final 7D

A wife working in the tea fields like the woman here, earns 4 US $ a day we were told.

IMG 5667Final 7D

IMG 5677Final 7D

Here a very nice pic of our pretty famous driver (he nearly knows everybody in Sri Lanka).

IMG 5683Final 7D

IMG 1007Final 5D mk2

IMG 1010Final 5D mk2

IMG 5688Final 7D

IMG 5686Final 7D

IMG 5687Final 7D

IMG 5689Final 7D

For those who think they have a heavy job with poore salary, have a look at these people:

IMG 1012Final 5D mk2

IMG 5694Final 7D

I had to promise to this friendly guy, that his picture will appear in the internet in my blog post.

IMG 5702Final 7D

IMG 5712Final 7D

Finally this day we hiked up to the Little Adam’s Peak during sunset

IMG 1060Final 5D mk2

IMG 1054Final 5D mk2

IMG 1056Final 5D mk2

IMG 5738Final 7D

IMG 1052Final 5D mk2

Another awesome day in Sri Lanka has ended so far. The next days was again a very early start to reach Horton Plains during sunrise as the fog comes between 9 am and 11 am

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