Sri Lanka Day 5 – Horton Plains, Worlds End and Baker Falls

IMG 1091Final 5D mk2

This morning was again an early one. We got up at 4:30 am to drive a long long way up to the Horton Plains which basically begin in Ohiya. So we drove with our still slightly pissed driver from Ella to Ohiya, where we started with our breakfast on the road. This breakfast consisted of pretty good tea and some cake.

IMG 1070Final 5D mk2

IMG 1084Final 5D mk2

Very nice cactus where we had our breakfast.

IMG 1078Final 5D mk2

This is the very old railroad station in Ohiya, which is still in use. I need to mention at this point, that Ohiya is based at an altitude of 1.774 m over sea level, which means a heavy climb for a train.

IMG 1068Final 5D mk2

IMG 1082Final 5D mk2

After the breakfast, we climbed up another 500 m to reach the Horton Plains area. Interesting fact is, that the timberline is massively higher compared to the European timberline.

IMG 1085Final 5D mk2

IMG 1090Final 5D mk2

As the people here in Horton Plains are very sensitive to environmental pollution, you have to hand over every plastic bag to the security staff before you enter the park.

IMG 1093Final 5D mk2

IMG 1111Final 5D mk2

IMG 1094Final 5D mk2

IMG 1096Final 5D mk2

IMG 5754Final 7D

IMG 1101Final 5D mk2

After a few kilometers of walking through foggy forests we reached the first spot, called Little Worlds End

IMG 5758Final 7D

IMG 5760Final 7D

IMG 5763Final 7D

So the journey went on to the World’s End cliff

IMG 5766Final 7D

IMG 1113Final 5D mk2

IMG 1120Final 5D mk2

IMG 5769Final 7D

IMG 5770Final 7D

IMG 5772Final 7D

IMG 5774Final 7D

IMG 5775Final 7D

IMG 5780Final 7D

IMG 5777Final 7D

Horton Plains is organized as a roundtrip, therefore on our way back we passed the Baker Falls. Baker Falls is a small but very nice waterfall (more or less it consists of 2 waterfalls)

IMG 1170Final 5D mk2

IMG 5793Final 7D

IMG 5802Final 7D

IMG 5808Final 7D

Here you’ll find the trace we went through Horton Plains. If I remember right, this was about 10 km round trip.

Horton plains

IMG 5826Final 7D

IMG 5832Final 7D

IMG 5845Final 7D

IMG 5851Final 7D

We left the Horton Plains area around high noon to drive to Nuwara Eliya.

SRL Tag5 117

SRL Tag5 115

The next post will show Nuwara Eliya city with its market and our way forward to reach Kandy.

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