Sri Lanka Day 5 – Kandy and Esala Perahera Festival

IMG 5912Final 7D

When we drove down the hills into Kandy town district, we left the tea plantations for this journey. Here you’ll find some last impressions.

IMG 5913Final 7D

IMG 5914Final 7D

IMG 5915Final 7D

IMG 5916Final 7D

IMG 1245Final 5D mk2

IMG 1238Final 5D mk2

IMG 5910Final 7D

IMG 5918Final 7D

IMG 5920Final 7D

Also a very nice and large waterfall close to Kandy. It is a pitty, that we did not walk down to the bassin due to lack of time…

IMG 5922Final 7D

This is the route we took from Horton Plains over Nuwara Eliya to Kandy. It does not look so far on the map, actually is is not very far in reality, but due to the very poor roads and the average driving speed of 20 km/h and the high amount of photo stops we needed, it took us ca. 8 hours with our vintage style car.

Horton plains kandy

IMG 5923Final 7D

Finally we reached Kandy late that day. The road was very busy as at the same time there was the famous Kandy Street Festival – the Kandy Esala Perahera.

IMG 1281Final 5D mk2

SRL Tag5 164

You can’t imagine, how busy the streets are at that weekend, how many people are out on the street, most of them already waiting since early morning to have a good view to the festival.

SRL Tag5 166

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