Sri Lanka Day 6 – Sigiriya Rock and Dambullah

SRL Tag6 06

After the night yesterday at Kandy Esala Perahera Festival, we had a bit more sleep today. After a delicious breakfast, we started our journey to Sigiriya.

SRL Tag6 07

IMG 5928Final 7D

IMG 1297Final 5D mk2

IMG 5932Final 7D

IMG 6122Final 7D

IMG 6128Final 7D

IMG 5938Final 7D

IMG 5940Final 7D

IMG 5945Final 7D

During our way from Kandy to Trincomalee, we passed Sigiriya, you’ll find some pics below.

Kandy trincomalee

IMG 5946Final 7D

This is a temple very close to Sigiriya, entry free and pretty nice view

IMG 1301Final 5D mk2

IMG 5951Final 7D

IMG 1304Final 5D mk2

IMG 1309Final 5D mk2

IMG 5958Final 7D

And here it is, the famous rock Sigiriya

IMG 5972Final 7D

They charge you 30 USD per person to walk up to the top.

IMG 5970Final 7D

Some monkeys at the street waiting for people’s rubbish

IMG 5983Final 7D 2

IMG 6060Final 7D

IMG 6107Final 7D

And the journey went on, chasing the sun…

IMG 1325Final 5D mk2

We were very lucky to reach a local lake at the right time – sunset time – and a lot of locals in the water

IMG 1361Final 5D mk2

IMG 1371Final 5D mk2

IMG 1356Final 5D mk2

IMG 6149Final 7D

IMG 6145Final 7D

IMG 6140Final 7D

Finally we reached Trincomalee late at night, due to the fact our driver had not very good eyes, we passed 2 police controls without stopping. But they were chasing us and we negotiated with the cops down to 3 EUR for not stopping at the police control, driving too fast and overtaking a truck, which was overtaking another car at the same time. Seems to be not a very expensive country 🙂

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