Sri Lanka Day 7 – Trincomalee and Pigeon Island

IMG 6175Final 7D

One of our worst hotels we had in Trincomalee as we did not had the chance to check other hotels due to lack of time – it was late in the evening when we arrived, hungry and tired, so we took the second hotel. Pretty awful but at least a bed…

IMG 1397Final 5D mk2

The only good thing with this hotel was the proximity to the beach – only a few meters to walk, so the next morning started with an amazing view.

IMG 1400Final 5D mk2

So time to take the boat to Pigeon island for some diving adventures

IMG 1411Final 5D mk2

IMG 1404Final 5D mk2

Our boat driver with his beloved AUDI basecap

IMG 1416Final 5D mk2

After Pigeon Island we were heading to west side to reach Anuradhapura before sunset. On our way we passed some nice markets.

IMG 1421Final 5D mk2

IMG 1428Final 5D mk2

IMG 6201Final 7D

IMG 6203Final 7D

IMG 6210Final 7D

IMG 6219Final 7D

IMG 6222Final 7D

The day ended with an outstanding evening dinner together with the locals, some bottles of beer and Arrak, unforgettable moments.

IMG 1449Final 5D mk2

And the next day began with this breakfast 🙂
Ready for the Wilpattu Safari

IMG 1518Final 5D mk2

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