Back in Bangkok for some days – Thailand / Asia

Asia 3476Final 5D Mk3

During a travel I had few days stop over in Bangkok, because Bangkok was in the middle of some locations I had to travel to. As I visited the last time in Bangkok a lot of tourist attractions, this time I took the time for some street photography.

Asia 3484Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3490Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3493Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3496Final 5D Mk3

Love it or hate it. But at least have a look to it. Bangkok is dirty, loud, smoggy and awesome. At night and day. Enjoy it :-I)

Asia 3498Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3500Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3509Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3525Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3528Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3534Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3571Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3575Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3576Final 5D Mk3

Asia 3604Final 5D Mk3

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