Amsterdam in Netherland – Weekend trip

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Early November we decided to take the train on short notice to arrive a few hours later in lovely Amsterdam. As we had to work until evening, we arrived in Amsterdam at midnight. Heavily raining during our walk through Amsterdam to reach the hotel.

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We arrived via train at Amsterdam Centraal which is very close to the city center, shopping malls, pubs etc.

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Most of the things to see in Amstertdam you can reach by feet, so nearly everything is in walking distance. Especially when you pass the bridges and canal area, you will see all the famous houses, pubs and tourist spots.

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Although the train, as we found out twice during this weekend trip, is not very reliable, I still think is the easiest and fastest way to travel to Amsterdam. Especially during the times, when some German airline carriers prefere to strike instead of flying…

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So all in all, thumbs up for a short trip to Amsterdam as this is easy to reach by train, very interesting and awesome city and friendly people as well.

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