Havana Old Town – Kuba Part 1

Kuba 4730Final 5D Mk3

Early January. -15° C in Germany. So you can enjoy the cold outside with winterstports. Or you can decide to jump into the plane, sleep for 11 hours and get into a warm 28°C atmosphere at the Caribbean beach side. And option 2 is what we did…

Kuba 4733Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4737Final 5D Mk3

As there are only a few carriers which fly nonstop Frankfurt Havanna, we chose Condor. That was a mistake. Never again. Creepy food, no drinks, no entertainment, no space, no full flat, rubbish breakfast (and no breakfast during the flight back).

Kuba 4744Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4748Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4754Final 5D Mk3

But back to the nice side of the holiday: Havana, Havanna or La Habana. Absolutely amazing. I hoped to see some nice oldtimers in a good shape. Far away – you nearly see beautiful oldtimers everywhere 🙂

Kuba 4772Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4781Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4787Final 5D Mk3

So as Havana is so beautiful an we took so many pics, we had to split the Havana blog into many.

Kuba 4788Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4793Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4832Final 5D Mk3

Enjoy the colorful and nice atmosphere…

Kuba 4839Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4848Final 5D Mk3

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