Havana Old Town – Kuba Part 2

Kuba 4888Final 5D Mk3

All in all we stayed a couple of days in Havana, which was absolutely the right decision. Kuba in total is very nice and amazing, but in our opinion, Havana makes the most of it…

Kuba 4842Final 5D Mk3

When we decided to spend some days in Havana, I hoped to see at least a few oldtimers. And when we finally arrived in Havana, it was absolutely fantastic, to understand, that most of the cars outside were oldtimers.

Kuba 4897Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4884Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4920Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4923Final 5D Mk3

Although we had a car we decided to walk through Havana as there is so much to see. Plenty of old cars, old buildings, musicians, restaurants – and the most important – the Happy Life feeling all around 🙂

Kuba 4928Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4943Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4972Final 5D Mk3

Take the chance to walk through Havana and enjoy the lifestyle there, walk into pubs or come together with the folks over there. There are so many friendly people…

Kuba 4981Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4991Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 4996Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5008Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5027Final 5D Mk3

Next blog will still focus on Havana city and old town as there is so much to see. So much.

Kuba 5032Final 5D Mk3

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