Havana Old Town – Kuba Part 3

Kuba 5043Final 5D Mk3

And again La Habana, as there are plenty of beautiful places to see. Here again we start with the old town as the old town was always the place for us to start walking…

Kuba 5044Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5045Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5046Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5049Final 5D Mk3

This day we especially went into the Colonial part of the town as there are still so many colonial buildings – but in a poor condition – people live here, renovate or sometimes do nothing. This creates the typical Havana atmosphere.

Kuba 5067Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5073Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5076Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5077Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5078Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5083Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5085Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5090Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5095Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5096Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5097Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5101Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5102Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5106Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5114Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5115Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5121Final 5D Mk3

Next day we left this beautiful city and srted the journey to Vinales Valley. Stay tuned and enjoy the beautiful places

Kuba 5130Final 5D Mk3

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