Playa Larga – Kuba Part 6

Kuba 5391Final 5D Mk3

Playa Larga in Kuba. Beginning and End. A place you have to visit. A place which is far away from tourism but not far away from a unique idyllique and special beach (besides Thailand… which still has the most impressive beaches and the most beautiful places of near-sea-landscape…)

Kuba 5442Final 5D Mk3

So Playa Larga in Kuba is quite awesome, beautiful, nice and clean.

Kuba 5448Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5506Final 5D Mk3

As we had our guest room directly at the sea side, we stood up quite early and enjoyed the sunrise at the beach

Kuba 5517Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5523Final 5D Mk3

We were very lucky to find such a beautiful car in front of such a beautiful place. Actually it was just an normal Cuba Car parking at a normal Cuba parking lot 🙂

Kuba 5575Final 5D Mk3

This Indian village was so boring, that the most interesting part was the boat ride to that Indian village. So if you can avoid to go there, you should 🙂

Kuba 5605Final 5D Mk3

So from Playa Larga we went straight to Cienfuegos and Trinidad. You’ll find that in our March blog entry…

Kuba 5645Final 5D Mk3

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