Trinidad and Cienfuegos – Kuba Part 7

Kuba 5654Final 5D Mk3

Trinidad is well know because of different reasons. One for sure is the revolution. Another one are the cobbled streets. You can find them everywhere around the old city and downtown area.

Kuba 5656Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5657Final 5D Mk3

Also you won’t find so many cars here, at least no new ones; only oldtimers or horse-drawn carriages. Musicians are everywhere and their music quite enjoyable.

Kuba 5666Final 5D Mk3

The houses are colorful in the same way as the residents of Cuba.

Kuba 5668Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5684Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5683Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5690Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5699Final 5D Mk3

One of many Fidel and Che banners with their mindset you’ll find everywhere. This spirit is still everywhere…

Kuba 5703Final 5D Mk3

And btw, the Trinidad beach is one of the nicest in Cuba. It is not really comparable to beaches in Thailand, but still really nice and very clean water.

Kuba 5705Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5707Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5715Final 5D Mk3

Kuba 5710Final 5D Mk3

Now it’s time for heading back to Havana as there is our international airport.

Kuba 5719Final 5D Mk3

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