Hanoi and North of Vietnam – beautiful Asia

Laos Vietnam 5D 7736 Final

Time to leave beautiful and awesome Laos for another amazing country: Vietnam. Late at night, we arrived in Hanoi via plane and took the first hotel we found.

Laos Vietnam 5D 7748 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7752 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7754 Final

We have not been very long in Hanoi as this city is very dirty, lots of traffic and jams and loads of people. Not that much to see, but still a interesting experience…

Laos Vietnam 5D 7763 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7767 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7772 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7778 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8029 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8033 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8035 Final

During that visit in Hanoi we spent some time in Cat Ba / Halong Bay and Tam Coc as well. You will find the pics in the next few posts.

Laos Vietnam 5D 8045 Final

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