Saigon / Ho-Chi-Minh City in Vietnam / Asia

Laos Vietnam 5D 8577 Final

After a short flight from Da Nang to Saigon, we arrived in the south of Vietnam. Saigon is absolutely where the heart of southern Vietnam beats – day and night. All the life during day and night is on the street; people sitting, walking, relaxing, talking, redaing, eating and sleeping.

Laos Vietnam 5D 8556 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8557 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8528 Final

That’s typical for Vietnam; people meeting on the street, playing with each other, talking and smoking.

Laos Vietnam 5D 8525 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8522 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8570 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8587 Final

In Saigon or Ho-Chi-Minh you will find European-style and American-style buildings as this comes from colonial times in the past.

Laos Vietnam 5D 8603 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8612 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8615 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8618 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8622 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8625 Final

From Saigon it’s very easy to go down to Mekong Delta as this is only 2 hours by car. You will find some pics of that in the next blog post.

Laos Vietnam 5D 8627 Final

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