Mekon Delta in Vietnam / Asia

Laos Vietnam 5D 8714 Final

Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam is close to Saigon and you can reach it from Saigon within 2 hours.

Laos Vietnam 5D 8724 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8694 Final

The easiest way to discover Mekong delta with its amazing canals is a boat trip. It takes some time, but you should take the time, enjoy the silence and relax at 42°C 😉

Laos Vietnam 5D 8701 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8686 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8689 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8672 Final

There are many things to explore in Mekong Delta; the canals for sure, but also the swimming market, coconut industry, fruit fields and many friendly people. Enjoy…
That’s the last day in Vietnam – so we are heading back to Thailand and finally to Frankfurt.

Laos Vietnam 5D 8644 Final

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