Zuoz – Switzerland Skiing

Zuoz 4461Final 5D Mk3

Last New Years Eve, we rented a house in Zuoz in Switzerland with a lot of friends. We drove down there end of December, stayed there a couple of days.

Zuoz 4444Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4443Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4446Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz is a very small but very beautiful village close to St. Moritz. Very old but nice buildings…

Zuoz 4445Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4459Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4470Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4471Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4473Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4563Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4562Final 5D Mk3

Time to take the train…

Zuoz 4596Final 5D Mk3

As you can see, it’s not any train, it’s the Bernina express.

Zuoz 4613Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4617Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4626Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4629Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4621Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4641Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4693Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4670Final 5D Mk3

Zuoz 4686Final 5D Mk3

Fireworks in the valley between some mountains are very special, loud and impressive. Time to book another destination for New Years Eve 2017 / 2018 🙂

Zuoz 4693Final 5D Mk3

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