Rainbow Mountain – Peru – Cusco -Southamerica Trip

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As already explained, Cusco in Peru is a very good destination to travel around in Peru as there are so many things to see in the close area (approx 3-4 hours with car / bus).

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If you are in Cusco, get up at 3 am and travel to Rainbow Mountain. This will be a 3 hour drive from 3.500 meters above sea level up to 4.200 meters above sea level.

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From 4.200 meters above sea level, you will hike up to 5.100 meters above sea level.

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Due to the altitude of more than 5.000 meters, this journey is very exhausting, but absolutely worth to do it.

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If you are in a good shape, you will not need any oxygen, but to be honest, a lot of people needed that.

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We came back at 7 o’clock pm to Cusco for a dinner and felt into bed as the next morning was also an early one to reach Machu Picchu before noon…

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