St. Moritz – Snow Village in Switzerland

IMG 2893

Saint Moritz in Suisse is known as one of the places, where celebritys go skiing and where you can meet them all the day long.

Below, you see the hotel Kempinski. Always a good adress to stay some days in St. Moritz

IMG 2892

IMG 2894

IMG 2899

Again, weather was great, here as well. Snow at night, sun at day.

IMG 2901

IMG 2905

IMG 2909

IMG 2910

IMG 2916

IMG 2928

IMG 2936

IMG 2940

IMG 2949

As you can see, masses of snow as far as you can look. And not so much people (propably because of the high prices) on the race track.

IMG 2951

IMG 2955

IMG 2959

IMG 2963

Nice chairs, incredible food. Cold but you can order a warm alcoholic drink, if you prefer to do so.

IMG 2968

IMG 2975

IMG 2985

IMG 2989

IMG 2991

IMG 3002

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