Namibia and Africa Day 8 – Outjo and Gate to Etosha

AD1A5098Final 7D Mk2

So let’s start with our drive to Outjo – the Gate to Etosha. First stop was very close, the so called petrified forest. This is a 80.000 year old forest which has been petrified over the years. Very impressive to see.

IMG 2343Final 5D Mk3

IMG 2342Final 5D Mk3

IMG 2340Final 5D Mk3

IMG 2341Final 5D Mk3

IMG 2320Final 5D Mk3

IMG 2308Final 5D Mk3

IMG 2362Final 5D Mk3

We also made a short break at Monument valley (of Namibia…)

IMG 2372Final 5D Mk3

IMG 2369Final 5D Mk3

IMG 2378Final 5D Mk3

And we also met some animals close to Etosha Pan

AD1A5077Final 7D Mk2

AD1A5085Final 7D Mk2

So we slept at the south gate of Etosha to be very close to the park as we plan to start very early the next day…

AD1A5089Final 7D Mk2

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